Grate Fill

Located near Tanya’s Soup Kitchen and the Donut Whole, Grate Fill is Wichita’s first refill shop created by native Maddie Brown. This carefully curated shop offers only natural, non-toxic, and sustainable products. With exposed brick walls, marble-floors, and a minimalist feel, you certainly don’t feel like you’re in Kansas anymore.


Refill Station

Grate Fill has jugs filled with all-natural cleansers, body scrubs, detergents, lotions, and more. You can bring in your own bottle and refill them there, or buy a reusable one on-site. Grate Fill also features home and living items, such as deodorants, safety razors, Elate Cosmetics, and other zero-waste alternatives. Brown wants refilling and reusing to become the norm for all Wichitans. When curating the store, Brown asked herself, “What do I have around my house that’s practical, that I love, and that I use?” In fact, she has tested and approved of every single product sold in her store. Her standards are high: the product needs to be from a business that she believes in, that sources their ingredients sustainably, that pays their workers fair wages, and uses only organic, non-toxic ingredients. But, most importantly, the product needs to work. 


Founder Maddie Brown cites her own health struggles as motivation in creating an organic business. After doing some research into products and food we regularly consume, Brown was shocked to find how many contained toxins, parabens, and other harsh chemicals. She decided right then and there to establish healthier practices in her life, such as organic foods and products and zero-waste living.

“I want to help people have access to information about being healthy for the body and the planet.” 


Looking forward a few years, Brown hopes to expand Grate Fill to include bulk food as well. This could include items such as oils, salt, rice, sugars, flours, and beans. Brown made sure to choose a space that was big, so she can “grow into it.” Grate Fill is just that space. 

Kinkaid Pottery

Brown partners with local crafters and artisans as well. Kinkaid Pottery, Lobe Lures, Nice Bites, and Nudge Compost are all featured within these four walls. Grate Fill also plans to collaborate with various charities to uplift and empower them within this community. Over Earth Day weekend, a portion of the Grate Fill profits will be donated to the Maize Solar Initiative. Brown is passionate about cultivating her local community and sees the importance of gathering spaces like Grate Fill. Brown hopes to host mindfulness workshops in her space as well as wine and paint nights or DIY classes.

“The one good thing that came from COVID is that people started to recognize the value of supporting local businesses.” 


Grate Fill opened March 13, 2021 and has achieved great success, despite opening in the midst of a pandemic. As Brown said, we need to stay #LoyalToLocal and continue to support our neighbors and friends in their ventures. Check out Grate Fill if you’re running low on detergent, want to try out a more sustainable approach, or are passionate about organic products.

  • [email protected]
    Posted at 11:28h, 10 April Reply

    Congratulations to (a) perceiving the need and (b) offering a solution! I can’t wait to visit. In fact, I live close enough to walk to this sustainability store!

  • Carol Farrow
    Posted at 13:48h, 22 April Reply

    Wow! I live less than 5 minutes away from Grate Fill and had no idea it existed. I’m thrilled we have such a place in Wichita. Thank you for sharing. I’ll be visiting this week!

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